Contact the HOA

P.O. Box 1331 Christiansburg, VA 24068

Email –


President – Scot Rockafellow – 303-809-7323

Vice President –D.J. Preston –

Secretary – Adrian Landers –

Treasurer – Kathy Duncan –

7 thoughts on “Contact the HOA

  1. My daughter her best friend and another friend are cleaning up the common area in Windsor Estates. So far they found lots of trash, paint cans, junk, and things we shouldn’t speak of. They’re on there second black trash bag. I love their heart for trying to make the place clean. Also there a down tree limb could the HOA have it removed so the lawn care members now?

  2. The lights are still on the fence! At this point, I think they should be taken down and trashed! Also, the plant growth around the Berkshire entrance is out of control.

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